Sunday, June 26, 2011

Android apps Roundup

Today we thought we'd share some of our favorite android apps in a few different categories.
Category 1-Home Replacement
1. ADW- for enourmous amounts of features and reasonable speed we just had to give ADW 1st
2. Zeam- zeam has one goal : fast, and no one can dispute this
3. dxtop- we gave this no. 3 because...well its unique.
Category 2 web browsers
1. Opera Mini- for extreme speed AND features. Unbeatable
2. Firefox Mobile- the only thing that could beat this is Chrome portable
3. Skyfire- incredibly slow, takes up to 10 mins to load the normal google homepage, but can convert flash to html5 to watch flash without having a froyo device, and it can change it's user agent
Category 3 Games
1. Angry Birds- no explanation nesesary
2. Squibble- a charming little platformer
3. Pacman- a timeless classic
Category 4- Emulators*
1. Tiger king- present free classic emulators. almost as good as having yongzh's paid versions of Nesoid, GBCoid, etc.
2. Yongzh- if your willing to pay(we aren't) this guy is unbeatable, especcially when he came out with N64oid, an N64 emulator

*emulators are software that mimicks the characteristics of a peice of hardware. a Wii emulator is a program that allows you to play wii gasmes inside it's host OS(Win7, Mac, Linux). Android Emulator Authors often present many, many emulators, generally in the form of 1 app per system, so this specific category is given out by author, not app.