Monday, December 12, 2011

no tablet for us

hello all, Unfortunantly I could not grab a touchpad because of a glitch in ebay :( and I still have not gotten a new computer yet due to money issues :( and I have had to downgrade from android to a java phone :() so basically I will have to shut this down. Check back after christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cheap tablets

Hello all,
I give you a wonderful christmas present(for yourself maybe ;).  anyways starting late today(like 11) and tomorrow there will be a firesale on hp touchpads. the 16GB model is $99 and the 32GB is $149. You may be suspicious of such cheap hardware, so I'll give an explanation.
Why so cheap?
HP's webos couldn't compete with android and IOS so HP is shutting it down.

So the tablet is good but the ****ty OS makes it a worthless peice of junk?!?
Yes, but you can install android or ubuntu on it, but ubuntu is not very ready yet.

hp's ebay store in the laptop section!

Anything else?
the accesory pack is $79 and employees get first dibs. You need to have an ebay and paypal account.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free XBox Live on PS3's, PSP's XBox 360's and even the original XBox!

For those of us who either do not want to dish out some ludicrous amound of cash for XBox Live, Or a WBox Wifi Antena, or simply have an older model you are not alone. THere are 2 services out now known as Xlink Kai and XBConnect. They both work the same way, where you hook up a PC running thir software to the same LAN as your Xbox/360/GCN/PSP/PS3 that in turn tricks them into thinkin other consoles on the internet are other consoles attempting a system link.
First Choose your service. Xlink Kai supports the Gamecube, XBox, Xbox 360, PS3, and PSP. XBConnect Supports only the original XBOX.
Second, Set up your network. you need to get your console on your network. Since I have the original Xbox, I will use XBConnect, althought th two work exactly te same.
Method A
USing an ethernet cable, plug your console into your router. Do the same with your PC, or use Wifi.
Method B-If you have Dual band wifi and widows 7, you can connect to you network via Wifi, then use your Ethernet port to connect to the console, the use Win7 to "bridge the connections."
Method C
If you do not have dual band wifi, I recomend using an android phone as a USB wifi adapter by tethering via USB then disabling 3G/4G. THis will simulate dual band wifi. You can do the same with a real USB wifi adapter.
Third, create an account on your service's website, then install their client. Load up a game on your console, and go to the system link option. Wait here until your PC can populate a listy of "games" or servers. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free halo: Combat Evolved for PC

This is a 10-y/o game made by Bungie. It is the original game in the Halo Franchise and still is awesome and lots of people play on the net and there are a lot of servers. The PC version has Banshees, rocket warthogs, flamethrowers, and a few extra bonuses over the console version. It requires no installation. It is a .zip. My close friend who I have known since the 2nd grade uploaded this.

Disclaimer:I am in no was responsible for the content of this post or websites referred to in it!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Sorry guys but I cannot finish my "complete Guide to Linux" series because My PC Crashed and am now using the library computer.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Linux part 2-installation process

Skip the intro. That was in part 1.
A. Wubi
Download the wubi .exe, run , reboot and select the linux option and finish the installation.
B. Normal
Download the appropriate ISO for your distro, burn it to a CD or USB drive, then boot from the USB/CD and install.

Beginning Linux part 1-Install

Linux is a fantastic OS and is far supirior to windows AND osX, otherwise known as mac. It also offers many installation options such as DWM(desktop window manager), Distro(everything EXCEPT the kernel), and installation type.
1. Choose your Distro
Section 1-netbook
A debian derivative is fine here, I use (L)(X)Ubuntu. Just no KDE, and GNOME is risky. I recomend LXDE or XFCE as your session manager.
Section 2-Old PC
Damn Small linux, then Xubuntu, then Lubuntu at the best
Section 3-Laptop
Debian/ubuntu derivative. Maybe you can get away with KDE....
Section 4-Desktop/Gaming laptop(e.x. Alienware M1x)

2. Choose your install method
Section 1-Wubi/Lubi
Only availible for ubuntu derivatives and linux mint, this installs linux as a dual boot. The unique thing is that linux is simply a program in windows, however for all instents and purposes is a conventional linux dual boot. Windows recomended, linux possible
Section 2-Dualboot
down and dirty dualboot on a seperate partition
Section 3-Conventional
Clrean install. No other os's, and only one partition.
Section 4-live CD/USB
Installation onto a USB drive. everytime you boot up, your previous programs and settings are gone.

I recomend Wubi for windows dualbooting or if you have enough disk space to afford keeping Windows. A couple of tweaks are needed to get it working with Windows 8(see previous post) but they are easy, quick, and simple. See part 2 for installation instructions.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Windows 8 -Linux dual boot(Wubi)

Windows 8 has a new feature that prevents new entries to the boot image, etc. Fortunatly there is a way around this.
1. download and install win8
2. downlaod and install easyBCD INSIDE win8
4. Downlaod the Wubi.exe file inside win8, run
5. Open EasyBCD and make your newfound (x)ubuntu the "default OS"
6. Reboot, select (x)ubuntu
7. this will complete your linux install
8. reboot and choose win8
9. enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Windows 8 is finally here!!!!


I apologize for not making this longer and including a guide. I will make a new post as soon as I finish my homework.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tweaking the hell outta Windows 7 to make it more like windows 8

ah windows 8 the fabled arm-x86-x64 compatible windows OS. But we're still stuck with Lousy old Windows 7! The solution is of course to hack it.
Disclimer- I am not responsible if you screw up your computer
Note- this works on netbooks too!
1. download everything here

2. un zip/unrar everything into different folders onto your desktop
3. open up the Zetro folder-->extras-->unextheme patch--> universal theme patcher x86.exe and patch EVERYTHING
4. open up the Zetro folder-->theme and copy everything there to C;/windows/resources/themes
5. go back up to the rott of the zetro folderand do everything in the Readme(you did the first part already) including the system files.
6. open the extras folder-->tools
7. run all the tools the files for each is usually in the same folder as the .exe
8. reboot
9. right click on the desktop, choose personalize, choose the appropriate zetro theme
run and install rainmeter.
10. try to open the omnimo file accoring to the readme
if rainmeter is in portable mode--when winddows rebels hit select program, browse-->%rainmeter\addons\rainstaller\rainstaller.exe
11. install omnimo
12. customise omnimo
save the customized omnimo as a theme.
13. DONE!!!!!!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Newbie's guide to TOR

TOR is an Onion router based system that will hide your ip, location, and other internet credentials from other parties. Due to the recent bills passed by congress, or if your government censores you you should get TOR. This guide starts as one splits in 2 peices for a short duration that rejoin at a later point that has another optional fork at the end.
***************************GETTING TOR***************************
Method 1:go to and get the Vidalia Bundle and install it. Configure to run at startup, and install all extras(no crapware here, only what is completely nesessary)
Method 2:go to and hit the download link at the top, then follow the "How to extract" instructions
***************************CONFIGURING TOR***************************
1. open either PortableTOR.exe(method 2) or open TOR from the start menu(Method 1)
2. open the Vadilia control panel
3. under the general tab check all the boxes EXCEPT "start Proxy application when Vadilia starts"
4. make sure that the path to TOR.exe is in \App\PortableTor\Tor.exe
5. close the control panel, click "start TOR"
a. install Proxy Switchy! from the chrome web store
b. go to the proxy switchy! options menu
c. rename the profile to "TOR"
d. make sure to have the following listed under manual configuration:all of the boxes to the left say "localhost", and then make sure all the boxes to the right say "8118" EXCEPT the bottom one which is "9050"
e. hit save
f. go to the "General" tab
g. check "quick switch"
h. check "binary switch" then make "profile 1" direct connection and make profile 2 "TOR"
i. DONE!

a. go to in firefox
b. hit the link to "install stable"
c. let it install like any other firefox addon
d. tada!
go to to verify that everything works correctly
NOTE: in chrome, you can also go to the proxy settings, LAN settings, and the advanced proxy setting and input the info from step "D" from the CHROME guide to make chrome use TOR all the time also i recomend pinning the site to verify tor is on(don't forget to reload if you hit proxy switchy! though)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A guide to torrenting

The first rule of torrenting don't talk about torrenting. Torrenting is utilizing a protocol known as "Bittorrent." Bittorrent, instead of having you connect to one server to download material, bittorent has others upload the information straight to you. This means that speed depends on the "seed"(uploader) to "leech"(downloaders/a-holes who don't upload and hog the data. a torrent with no seeders does no longer exist.
step1- torrent client
Torrenting requires use of a special client. I use utorrent 3.0 as utorrent is extremely low on resource consumption and the 3.0 release is pure awesomeness. others are vuze, transmission, and others with low market shares.
1. download and install utorrent
2. run a google search for (we are currently looking for a movie ) "movie avi xvid torrent." "movie" is the name of the material I want, "avi" is the most secure format for video, "xvid" is a codec(optional) to make the video a smaller file, and "torrent" is what makes a torrent as opposed to a normal download
3. good torrent sites include which only points to other torrent sites and is a search engine in it's own right, The pirate bay, which a standard torrent site, and my favorite which is Kickass torrents, which is like the pirate bay, only in my opinion, better.
4. read all the reviews, comments, like/dislike stats, etc. this will prevent a malware infection
5. when you are at the torrent page you want either click on the magnet link icon to open the torrent immediately or download the .torrent file and open that in utorrent.
6. the torrent should begin downloading. allocate high bandwidth to slow torrents and lower to faster torrents when downloading many at once, however if there is only one or two torrents assign them both high bandwidth to speed them up some.

- I am not responsible for how you use this. although you probably won't be arrested if you download some copyrighted material, i do not, therefore it's your problem with the police/feds
- I am not responsible for any malware obtained t=from torrenting. if you follow my directions and be careful, however you should be fine
- to enhance your privacy get peerblock and/or a vpn that supports P2P and/or bittorrent
-I was not sponsored
- mov and mkv are other secure video formats. pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt(medium security), mp4, mp3, wmv, and wma are extremely insecure
- Have fun

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Android apps Roundup

Today we thought we'd share some of our favorite android apps in a few different categories.
Category 1-Home Replacement
1. ADW- for enourmous amounts of features and reasonable speed we just had to give ADW 1st
2. Zeam- zeam has one goal : fast, and no one can dispute this
3. dxtop- we gave this no. 3 because...well its unique.
Category 2 web browsers
1. Opera Mini- for extreme speed AND features. Unbeatable
2. Firefox Mobile- the only thing that could beat this is Chrome portable
3. Skyfire- incredibly slow, takes up to 10 mins to load the normal google homepage, but can convert flash to html5 to watch flash without having a froyo device, and it can change it's user agent
Category 3 Games
1. Angry Birds- no explanation nesesary
2. Squibble- a charming little platformer
3. Pacman- a timeless classic
Category 4- Emulators*
1. Tiger king- present free classic emulators. almost as good as having yongzh's paid versions of Nesoid, GBCoid, etc.
2. Yongzh- if your willing to pay(we aren't) this guy is unbeatable, especcially when he came out with N64oid, an N64 emulator

*emulators are software that mimicks the characteristics of a peice of hardware. a Wii emulator is a program that allows you to play wii gasmes inside it's host OS(Win7, Mac, Linux). Android Emulator Authors often present many, many emulators, generally in the form of 1 app per system, so this specific category is given out by author, not app.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

firefox portable release channels

firefox portable is a great creation of, however unless you are content with being on the public release channel of firefox it doesn't cut the gravy. This guide will tell you how to get on (at the time of    writing, which was shortly after 4.0 hit public release) the 7.0, 6.0, and 5.0 channels.

stable, 4.0- head over to to get it. under applications,  run the.paf.exe and open it up

beta, 5.0- run the .paf.exe from this page

aurora, 50.a2- get beta, then open up the firefox menu-->help-->about firefox-->change-->select                              aurora

          nightly, nightly, 7.0a2- get any of the above, go to  trunk/ and download the latest .zip for your platform example is firefox- 7.0a1 extract it. go to the extract folder "firefox"  and copy and paste all of it's contents into portable app\app\firefox, delete EVERYTHING then paste the files in from the package from run firefoxportable.exe. the first run page should appear. open the nightly(firefox) menu, help, about nightly. check that it says nightly, not firefox and hit check for updates

Monday, May 2, 2011

transform a netbook into a mobile arcade

you may think that netbooks and games don't mix well, but they do.
non-free prerequisites
1. internet
2. netbook
3. usb mouse
4. usb keyboard, external monitor(optional)
5. some time

Section 1, Windows games
1. go to, games and download angry birds, need for speed underground 2, and plants vs zombies
2. find the thread that holds the Warsow portable launcher and download it,  run it, and the go to the Warsow website to download "Warsow" and extract the containing files to /app/warsow/
3. use peazip from to extract the three .rar files
4. swf opener portable, and use Firefox's tools-->page info trick to download.swf files from online games to play them offline

Section 2, Emulators to play nintendo games
1. download JNES(for online play) or FCE ultra(for big monitors) these are to play the original Nintendo
2. DOWnload Zsnes this is for the second Nintendo
3. download project64k(for the N64)
4. get virtualboy portable(for GBA, GB, GBC) at mediafire
5. Get NO$GBA this is a DS emulator that also supports gameboy, so virtualboy is not needed if you get this
5. use peazip to extract everything into it's own folder
6. find a good ROM site for your games, try,, etc.(for games)
We used a acer aspire one with intel atom n450 prosessor at 1.66ghz, 1gb of RAM, windows 7 professional, and intel intergrated graphics. all our games ran at full speed and at 1024 X 600 resolution this should work with almost and windows version. 

Alternatives to products
1. angrybirds-none
2. plants vs zombies- none
3. Jnes, FCE ultra- google "NES emulator"
4. ZSNES- google "SNES emulator"
5. Project64k- project64(need install), 1964, google "N64 emulator" or "Nintendo 64 emulator"
6. Virtualboy advance- virtualboy-M, google "gameboy (insert color, advance here optionally) emulator"
7. warsow- red eclipse, open arena, urban terror, alien arena, halo franchise

Friday, April 15, 2011

more gingerbread for g1

hello, I have told you how to get CM7 on g1, but I experienced some bugsin the rom. It would randomly uninstall apps. I have a feeling this was a security breach, but for a risk such as that, we shouldn't proceed. Instead use beatrom's gingerbread rom. It is in the unlocr's database. The link takes you to a xda developers link. There are 2 links, the rom and "gapps". "gapps" is the market, Gmail, youtube, etc. download the rom and gapps .zip files. If you have clockworkmod recovery, just move them somewhere to your SD, if not move the rom to your SD as, then repeat this process with gapps.
Clockworkmod and normal recovery- reboot into recovery
clockworkmod- factory reset as many times as possible, then to the same with wiping the cache, the go to      _____mounts and storage and do each one individually(skip the SD!!)
normal- flash
clockworkmod- install zip from SD, select the ROM
normal- turn on usb storage, swap the files, making the gapps file
clockworkmod- choose zeam(fast) or ADW(features, slow) as you home, wait
normal- flash it too, reboot
clockworkmod- install zip from SD, select gapps
clockworkmod- let it finish, reboot
clockworkmod and normal- boot up and sign into google(if you have data), or skip to do it over wifi
clockworkmod and normal- this is to patch the settings app being unable to launch: go into linda file manager, in /system/app find settings.apk, and open it, replace the settings app with it
clockworkmod and normal- home-->settings-->wireless-->turn on wifi, connect-->home-->open market-->sign in-->DONE!!!

unfortunately, the market is stuck with out adobe flash. get this and open it with lind to remedy this, it is named "for 2.1" this may work, but it is 10.1 flash, period and it worked for my 10 attempts on 3 phones

Monday, April 11, 2011

how to have quick access to files without opening the start menu or windows explorer

if you want extremely quick access to a file or such (this is especially useful for portable apps), the desktop is the answer. As proof of concept open task manager, and go to processes and end "explorer.exe". This is windows explorer running in the background. When it ends, the task bar and desktop icons will disappear. If you right click, nothing will happen. To take advantage of this I have a portable app called APP.exe. I would drag the .exe file from the windows explorer window to the desktop section visible and it would move/copy. Then I would double click the file and it would open the file. TADA!!!
this also works for .doc, .gif, .png, .zip, etc.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why root/what to do after rooting

ropoting is like getting administrator acess on windows or using a sudo terminal command in linux. Android root is like linux sudo only though "su" is used instead of "sudo". so why do this?
1. Custom roms- custom variants of the android OS. Can be used to level up to the latest firmware(ginger bread instead of donut on G1 for example) or add more in depth features
2. Overclocking- make the CPU run faster. use set cpu or search "overclock" and find a free version. get one that lowers speed as battery level decreases(better battery life) or gets too hot(prevents damage)
3. underclocking- like overclocking but adds battery life at cost of performence
4. tethering- try wireless tether(can use blue tooth and wifi)/barnacle wifi tether(wifi only- ) and easytether(usb only, fastest connection)- use usb for fast connections, wifi for quick setup or if you have a charger, or bluetooth for wireless and no charger. Usb needs helper apps installed on PC
4. remove system apps(if you have a seperate media player/home screen, etc.)- remove home if you have zeam, launcherpro, ADW, etc.
5. more apps that can do more- enable more features in apps and get more
6. leave some more in the suggestions we have'nt thought of!
***rooting voids warenty*** but so does
carrying your phone, holding it, removing battery cover without turning off, and above all, CHECK TO SEE IF THE BOOTLOADER NEEDS TO BE UNLOCKED BEFORE YOU ROOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will brick the device if not done when needed

Monday, March 28, 2011

CM7 for g1/dream

Those of us with that old g1 that either have nothing better or aren't allowed to mess with that shiny Nexus S will rejoice about this new ROM. It's CM7, and then some under the name COS-DS Gingerbread ROM(blandest name ever people!!) on the unlocr's database, it's gingerbread for g1 heaven

Monday, March 7, 2011

Android ROMs- an idiot's guide

What are they?
Android "ROMs" are images of the android OS that have been changed somehow by the developer. THey can be used to get new features, update past official update releases(looking at you G1, you stuck on Donut feind!!!), and others.
How to find them
-go to Cyanogenmod's download page
-The Unlocr's database
-miraculously finding their main thread in a forum
How to "flash"(install) them
1. Root
2. open this post
3. download ROM from said sources
4. get the ROM manager app from the android market and flash clockworkmod recovery
5. open Rom manager app(now rom manager)
6a1. install zip from SD or go to 6B1
6a2. choose ZIP file
6a3. check backup current ROM and Wipe
6a4. let it do its magic, then activate Gapps or skip if u can then use wifi
6B1. reboot into recovery
6b2. wipe/factory reset
6b3. install ZIP from sd card
6b5. do a nandroid backup
6b6. choose and install ZIP
7. reboot and enable Gapps
1. recovery boot or open ROM manager app and click manage/restore backups
2. choose backup
3. let it flash
4. try rebooting again
5. if no work, reboot recovery, wipe twice, go to advanced>wipe dalvik cache, wipe again, repeat 1-4

Friday, March 4, 2011

how to activate G1 without data

1. barrow Friends SIM to activate
2. get data for that month
3. flash custom rom

1 is easy, but hackers usually have no Friends. I should know
2. pricey
3. may only work if you can run apps beforehand
4. hard

number 3
1. root your android somehow, if you can run apps before, use the browser to download androot apk, then use astro to open, root
2. get clockworkmod recovery by getting rom manager app, or some other way(go to a)
3b. get cyanogenmod rom, rename it to a zip file named update go to recovery, use
3a. get cyanogenmod rom thru clockworkmod download, check ALL boxes, or get rom on SD card and open zip via recovery
4. reboot, touch android, skip, skip, settings, wireless, turn on wifi, connect, open market, signin
EDIT-this overlaps with the previous post, if option 3 if followed, the previous Post is near identical with small addons and more detail.

Imbecile's guide to custom roms, overclocking, tethering and all things root

You want to root an android, but don't know how or why, both are answered here!
1. get androot apk file and install astro file manager from the market. use astro to open the apk. check your options, root, it will say woot! blah blah blah
2. get rom manager app from market.
3. open rom manager, download rom, cyanogenmod, choose rom, CHECK "GOOGLE APPS", "BACKUP", "WIPE", ok
4. it will download(full wifi needed)
5. ok
6. reboot, command prompt opens, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!
7. eventually after 2 reboots the activation screen comes up, don't freak out
8. toutch android, skip, skip, your rom starts, turn on wifi and connect, then open market, login to google, get "barnacle wifi tether", setcpu, root explorer(free on, droidemulite, romgripper++(for games), enjoy!
9. going back, either boot into recovery or open rom manager and go to nandroid or backups, choose backup, let reboot, it will be the same as before, with root, but androot can fix this

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dual boot ubuntu and Windows, Preinstalled or not, on same partition

You may have heard of ubuntu/linux/some other distro and want to try it out, or want both, or don't have a windows CD and don't want to have to pay for it again if you screw something up. There is an easy solution. Wubi. Wubi dual boots ubuntu and the copy of windows you already have on the same partition by installing ubuntu as a program in windows. This method's User Interface is the same as any other dualboot, just if you start ubuntu you have to press enter twice instead of once.
1. Download Wubi, This one worked for Ubuntu 10.4, and is supposed to for ubuntu 10.10
2. run the exe file(it can download a ubuntu ISO but it takes forever, download one straight from the ubuntu website)
3. it may take awhile, if it errors, do it again
4. reboot, choose ubuntu, then the top option, Ubuntu Generic
5. it will do the default ubuntu install, don't wet your pants
6. follow the setup steps, reboot after, choose windows or choose ubuntu--> ubuntu generic to start windows or ubuntu, irrespectively.
1. open windows, if your computer does not, go to the boot menu
2. (only for if you go to the boot menu)unplug all wires except power choose your hard disk/SSD(if you don't know what that is, you don't have it)
3. choose windows
4. sign in to an admin account
5. uninstall the program "ubuntu"
6. restart, if wubi, grub loader, or no menu opens at start up, you didn't follow instructions(I did this twice on each of the 5 PCs I own and they all worked)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Turn an android into a mobile games platform

Androids already beat out the iphone and Blackberry on the games front, but that little brick is your ticket to games galore!Just get these apps(and cords)
1. Droidemu or Droidemulite from the market
2. ROM Gripper
3. Wiimote controller(only if you can get #6)
4. Replica island, Squibble etc. (these are normal android games)
5. android cable splitter(for a charger and other cables all at once)
6. Android 2 TV cable(you have to make this)
7. PSX4droid and a rom gripper ++
For froyo phones get Flash player and kongregate arcade too
1. get apps/cords that you can
2. get ROMs from Romgripper, ROM gripper ++
3. PLug n play

Monday, January 31, 2011

Run apps from a USB/Android/CD/any drive that goes into a computer

Portable apps-aapplications(i.e. Thunderbird, Microsoft word, Google chrome, Skype) that are run without installs from any memory storage space. Translation-no installs, run from USB, CD, DVD, Android Phone Plugged into a PC, etc. I put them on a CD or my G1. Yout can get all kinds of them too.
Pros-no installs(great to try software out without slowing anything down)
take anywhere
need a cd/USB/Phone/etc. is fixed by puting on dropbox, go download file, run to go to the cloud
near traceless
Cons- need to bring CD/USB/android unless you go to the cloud
if you go to the cloud you may need to download
may be slightly slower on 1st gen USB
May be out of date software
may be in different languages(not likely)
like all downloads, may have malware(go to cnet/others to avoid, mywot gives you a good idea if it's safe or                   .     not)
Hard to find for Mac/Linux

Overall score-Windows-9.7, Mac- I don't have a mac, Linux- Don't have linux
Chrome Portable(in german)-
Firefox 3.5 portable-
Thunderbird portable- 
Seamonkey portable-

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 beta

The IE9 beta is becoming more stable every day. You might want to try it, like I have, but here are some things to consider:
Bad:The tabs are to the right of the address bar(only enough for, like 2)
still pretty slow
still crappy extensions

Good:got html5
not so many toolbars, buttons
Finally got an omnibar(after chrome, FF)
Chrome's score:8.75
FF score: 7.9
Conclusion: for those who don't use FF or chrome will like it, other wise steer clear(bt IF you have IE tab it will make it a little faster, and it's an update, how is that bad?)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chrome betas

Did you know there is 7 builds of chrome? there's stable(default), Beta(stable with some features), dev(mostly stable by 90%), canary, 60%, chromium stable 95%, chromium beta ?%, and chrome dev ?%   I use chromium stable and chrome dev as a lifeline.
Getting chrome- Go to the links
Canary can be run with another chrome build at the same time, but cannot be your default browser. This means if you click a link in Microsoft outlook it will not go there. I recommend working up to dev and getting canary if you don't like manual updates, If you don't care about manual updates, get chromium!

To get chromium, go to the link and scroll to the 2nd from the bottom. The bottom is "latest" and don't do anything. Open the highest version number and download "mini_install" and run it to install chromium. Bookmark the link so you can come back for updates. Updating chromium is essentially doing a second install.

Chromium builds-
Chromium is updated 5-15 times a day, Dev is once a week, beta once a month, and stable 4-8 times a year. Chromium can be set as default browser and run side by side with canary and chrome. It has a blue tinted icon, and canary has a gray and yellow one. Chromium doesn't come with current flash or shockwave. To fix this, click update plugin or get plugin, it will then bring you to adobe's site. Download this and some chrome extension, themes, and web apps if you link from and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Welcome to Google-ite101! This is a resource for all things google(and then some!). This includes-
-Google chrome Browser
-Google chrome OS
-android phones
-Chromium/Chrome beta builds
-Blogger(not that much)
-windows trick(no code involved :)
-all things web
I use Google chrome browser, Chromium, Android, Picasa, Igoogle, gmail, google voice and more. I will show you easy windows tweaks, android apps, chrome web apps, chrome extensions, and random computer/Videogame tricks. Posting will be allitle sporatic, so I will try to get an RSS up as soon as possible.
Have Fun!