Monday, December 12, 2011

no tablet for us

hello all, Unfortunantly I could not grab a touchpad because of a glitch in ebay :( and I still have not gotten a new computer yet due to money issues :( and I have had to downgrade from android to a java phone :() so basically I will have to shut this down. Check back after christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cheap tablets

Hello all,
I give you a wonderful christmas present(for yourself maybe ;).  anyways starting late today(like 11) and tomorrow there will be a firesale on hp touchpads. the 16GB model is $99 and the 32GB is $149. You may be suspicious of such cheap hardware, so I'll give an explanation.
Why so cheap?
HP's webos couldn't compete with android and IOS so HP is shutting it down.

So the tablet is good but the ****ty OS makes it a worthless peice of junk?!?
Yes, but you can install android or ubuntu on it, but ubuntu is not very ready yet.

hp's ebay store in the laptop section!

Anything else?
the accesory pack is $79 and employees get first dibs. You need to have an ebay and paypal account.