Monday, January 31, 2011

Run apps from a USB/Android/CD/any drive that goes into a computer

Portable apps-aapplications(i.e. Thunderbird, Microsoft word, Google chrome, Skype) that are run without installs from any memory storage space. Translation-no installs, run from USB, CD, DVD, Android Phone Plugged into a PC, etc. I put them on a CD or my G1. Yout can get all kinds of them too.
Pros-no installs(great to try software out without slowing anything down)
take anywhere
need a cd/USB/Phone/etc. is fixed by puting on dropbox, go download file, run to go to the cloud
near traceless
Cons- need to bring CD/USB/android unless you go to the cloud
if you go to the cloud you may need to download
may be slightly slower on 1st gen USB
May be out of date software
may be in different languages(not likely)
like all downloads, may have malware(go to cnet/others to avoid, mywot gives you a good idea if it's safe or                   .     not)
Hard to find for Mac/Linux

Overall score-Windows-9.7, Mac- I don't have a mac, Linux- Don't have linux
Chrome Portable(in german)-
Firefox 3.5 portable-
Thunderbird portable- 
Seamonkey portable-

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 beta

The IE9 beta is becoming more stable every day. You might want to try it, like I have, but here are some things to consider:
Bad:The tabs are to the right of the address bar(only enough for, like 2)
still pretty slow
still crappy extensions

Good:got html5
not so many toolbars, buttons
Finally got an omnibar(after chrome, FF)
Chrome's score:8.75
FF score: 7.9
Conclusion: for those who don't use FF or chrome will like it, other wise steer clear(bt IF you have IE tab it will make it a little faster, and it's an update, how is that bad?)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chrome betas

Did you know there is 7 builds of chrome? there's stable(default), Beta(stable with some features), dev(mostly stable by 90%), canary, 60%, chromium stable 95%, chromium beta ?%, and chrome dev ?%   I use chromium stable and chrome dev as a lifeline.
Getting chrome- Go to the links
Canary can be run with another chrome build at the same time, but cannot be your default browser. This means if you click a link in Microsoft outlook it will not go there. I recommend working up to dev and getting canary if you don't like manual updates, If you don't care about manual updates, get chromium!

To get chromium, go to the link and scroll to the 2nd from the bottom. The bottom is "latest" and don't do anything. Open the highest version number and download "mini_install" and run it to install chromium. Bookmark the link so you can come back for updates. Updating chromium is essentially doing a second install.

Chromium builds-
Chromium is updated 5-15 times a day, Dev is once a week, beta once a month, and stable 4-8 times a year. Chromium can be set as default browser and run side by side with canary and chrome. It has a blue tinted icon, and canary has a gray and yellow one. Chromium doesn't come with current flash or shockwave. To fix this, click update plugin or get plugin, it will then bring you to adobe's site. Download this and some chrome extension, themes, and web apps if you link from and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Welcome to Google-ite101! This is a resource for all things google(and then some!). This includes-
-Google chrome Browser
-Google chrome OS
-android phones
-Chromium/Chrome beta builds
-Blogger(not that much)
-windows trick(no code involved :)
-all things web
I use Google chrome browser, Chromium, Android, Picasa, Igoogle, gmail, google voice and more. I will show you easy windows tweaks, android apps, chrome web apps, chrome extensions, and random computer/Videogame tricks. Posting will be allitle sporatic, so I will try to get an RSS up as soon as possible.
Have Fun!