Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Newbie's guide to TOR

TOR is an Onion router based system that will hide your ip, location, and other internet credentials from other parties. Due to the recent bills passed by congress, or if your government censores you you should get TOR. This guide starts as one splits in 2 peices for a short duration that rejoin at a later point that has another optional fork at the end.
***************************GETTING TOR***************************
Method 1:go to and get the Vidalia Bundle and install it. Configure to run at startup, and install all extras(no crapware here, only what is completely nesessary)
Method 2:go to and hit the download link at the top, then follow the "How to extract" instructions
***************************CONFIGURING TOR***************************
1. open either PortableTOR.exe(method 2) or open TOR from the start menu(Method 1)
2. open the Vadilia control panel
3. under the general tab check all the boxes EXCEPT "start Proxy application when Vadilia starts"
4. make sure that the path to TOR.exe is in \App\PortableTor\Tor.exe
5. close the control panel, click "start TOR"
a. install Proxy Switchy! from the chrome web store
b. go to the proxy switchy! options menu
c. rename the profile to "TOR"
d. make sure to have the following listed under manual configuration:all of the boxes to the left say "localhost", and then make sure all the boxes to the right say "8118" EXCEPT the bottom one which is "9050"
e. hit save
f. go to the "General" tab
g. check "quick switch"
h. check "binary switch" then make "profile 1" direct connection and make profile 2 "TOR"
i. DONE!

a. go to in firefox
b. hit the link to "install stable"
c. let it install like any other firefox addon
d. tada!
go to to verify that everything works correctly
NOTE: in chrome, you can also go to the proxy settings, LAN settings, and the advanced proxy setting and input the info from step "D" from the CHROME guide to make chrome use TOR all the time also i recomend pinning the site to verify tor is on(don't forget to reload if you hit proxy switchy! though)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A guide to torrenting

The first rule of torrenting don't talk about torrenting. Torrenting is utilizing a protocol known as "Bittorrent." Bittorrent, instead of having you connect to one server to download material, bittorent has others upload the information straight to you. This means that speed depends on the "seed"(uploader) to "leech"(downloaders/a-holes who don't upload and hog the data. a torrent with no seeders does no longer exist.
step1- torrent client
Torrenting requires use of a special client. I use utorrent 3.0 as utorrent is extremely low on resource consumption and the 3.0 release is pure awesomeness. others are vuze, transmission, and others with low market shares.
1. download and install utorrent
2. run a google search for (we are currently looking for a movie ) "movie avi xvid torrent." "movie" is the name of the material I want, "avi" is the most secure format for video, "xvid" is a codec(optional) to make the video a smaller file, and "torrent" is what makes a torrent as opposed to a normal download
3. good torrent sites include which only points to other torrent sites and is a search engine in it's own right, The pirate bay, which a standard torrent site, and my favorite which is Kickass torrents, which is like the pirate bay, only in my opinion, better.
4. read all the reviews, comments, like/dislike stats, etc. this will prevent a malware infection
5. when you are at the torrent page you want either click on the magnet link icon to open the torrent immediately or download the .torrent file and open that in utorrent.
6. the torrent should begin downloading. allocate high bandwidth to slow torrents and lower to faster torrents when downloading many at once, however if there is only one or two torrents assign them both high bandwidth to speed them up some.

- I am not responsible for how you use this. although you probably won't be arrested if you download some copyrighted material, i do not, therefore it's your problem with the police/feds
- I am not responsible for any malware obtained t=from torrenting. if you follow my directions and be careful, however you should be fine
- to enhance your privacy get peerblock and/or a vpn that supports P2P and/or bittorrent
-I was not sponsored
- mov and mkv are other secure video formats. pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt(medium security), mp4, mp3, wmv, and wma are extremely insecure
- Have fun