Monday, January 31, 2011

Run apps from a USB/Android/CD/any drive that goes into a computer

Portable apps-aapplications(i.e. Thunderbird, Microsoft word, Google chrome, Skype) that are run without installs from any memory storage space. Translation-no installs, run from USB, CD, DVD, Android Phone Plugged into a PC, etc. I put them on a CD or my G1. Yout can get all kinds of them too.
Pros-no installs(great to try software out without slowing anything down)
take anywhere
need a cd/USB/Phone/etc. is fixed by puting on dropbox, go download file, run to go to the cloud
near traceless
Cons- need to bring CD/USB/android unless you go to the cloud
if you go to the cloud you may need to download
may be slightly slower on 1st gen USB
May be out of date software
may be in different languages(not likely)
like all downloads, may have malware(go to cnet/others to avoid, mywot gives you a good idea if it's safe or                   .     not)
Hard to find for Mac/Linux

Overall score-Windows-9.7, Mac- I don't have a mac, Linux- Don't have linux
Chrome Portable(in german)-
Firefox 3.5 portable-
Thunderbird portable- 
Seamonkey portable-

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