Thursday, May 26, 2011

firefox portable release channels

firefox portable is a great creation of, however unless you are content with being on the public release channel of firefox it doesn't cut the gravy. This guide will tell you how to get on (at the time of    writing, which was shortly after 4.0 hit public release) the 7.0, 6.0, and 5.0 channels.

stable, 4.0- head over to to get it. under applications,  run the.paf.exe and open it up

beta, 5.0- run the .paf.exe from this page

aurora, 50.a2- get beta, then open up the firefox menu-->help-->about firefox-->change-->select                              aurora

          nightly, nightly, 7.0a2- get any of the above, go to  trunk/ and download the latest .zip for your platform example is firefox- 7.0a1 extract it. go to the extract folder "firefox"  and copy and paste all of it's contents into portable app\app\firefox, delete EVERYTHING then paste the files in from the package from run firefoxportable.exe. the first run page should appear. open the nightly(firefox) menu, help, about nightly. check that it says nightly, not firefox and hit check for updates

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