Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tweaking the hell outta Windows 7 to make it more like windows 8

ah windows 8 the fabled arm-x86-x64 compatible windows OS. But we're still stuck with Lousy old Windows 7! The solution is of course to hack it.
Disclimer- I am not responsible if you screw up your computer
Note- this works on netbooks too!
1. download everything here

2. un zip/unrar everything into different folders onto your desktop
3. open up the Zetro folder-->extras-->unextheme patch--> universal theme patcher x86.exe and patch EVERYTHING
4. open up the Zetro folder-->theme and copy everything there to C;/windows/resources/themes
5. go back up to the rott of the zetro folderand do everything in the Readme(you did the first part already) including the system files.
6. open the extras folder-->tools
7. run all the tools the files for each is usually in the same folder as the .exe
8. reboot
9. right click on the desktop, choose personalize, choose the appropriate zetro theme
run and install rainmeter.
10. try to open the omnimo file accoring to the readme
if rainmeter is in portable mode--when winddows rebels hit select program, browse-->%rainmeter\addons\rainstaller\rainstaller.exe
11. install omnimo
12. customise omnimo
save the customized omnimo as a theme.
13. DONE!!!!!!


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