Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Modding Halo PC

Hello all, I already showed you how to get Halo PC for free, and now you may have finished it, or so you thought.

I will be using a tool known as HHT or Halo Hacker Tools. Despite the complicated sounding name and UI it is very simple, and I even got my parents to use it!

1. download HHT at;44736

2. extract the .zip to a folder like C:\ or desktop

3. open said folder. make a shortcut to the .exe that runs the program

4. use it

5. HHT will open. find your halo maps folder which is usually someplace\halo\MAPS

6. select a map. the ones with names like a10 are campaign levels. the farther up the letter/number it is is which level. In windows eplorer, Pillar of Autumn is at the top, and the maw is at the end.

7. find weapons in the middle window and expand it

8. choose the weapon you want to change

9. in the top right window, scroll down to proj (short for projectile)

10. highlight it

11. look in the bottom right window. change the projectile via dropdown.

12. change it! don’t use grenades though I haven't found a way to add velocity, so, you’ll just blow yourself up.

13. fire up halo PC and try it out

14. read other guides, like the one that came with it ;)

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