Monday, February 7, 2011

Turn an android into a mobile games platform

Androids already beat out the iphone and Blackberry on the games front, but that little brick is your ticket to games galore!Just get these apps(and cords)
1. Droidemu or Droidemulite from the market
2. ROM Gripper
3. Wiimote controller(only if you can get #6)
4. Replica island, Squibble etc. (these are normal android games)
5. android cable splitter(for a charger and other cables all at once)
6. Android 2 TV cable(you have to make this)
7. PSX4droid and a rom gripper ++
For froyo phones get Flash player and kongregate arcade too
1. get apps/cords that you can
2. get ROMs from Romgripper, ROM gripper ++
3. PLug n play

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