Monday, March 7, 2011

Android ROMs- an idiot's guide

What are they?
Android "ROMs" are images of the android OS that have been changed somehow by the developer. THey can be used to get new features, update past official update releases(looking at you G1, you stuck on Donut feind!!!), and others.
How to find them
-go to Cyanogenmod's download page
-The Unlocr's database
-miraculously finding their main thread in a forum
How to "flash"(install) them
1. Root
2. open this post
3. download ROM from said sources
4. get the ROM manager app from the android market and flash clockworkmod recovery
5. open Rom manager app(now rom manager)
6a1. install zip from SD or go to 6B1
6a2. choose ZIP file
6a3. check backup current ROM and Wipe
6a4. let it do its magic, then activate Gapps or skip if u can then use wifi
6B1. reboot into recovery
6b2. wipe/factory reset
6b3. install ZIP from sd card
6b5. do a nandroid backup
6b6. choose and install ZIP
7. reboot and enable Gapps
1. recovery boot or open ROM manager app and click manage/restore backups
2. choose backup
3. let it flash
4. try rebooting again
5. if no work, reboot recovery, wipe twice, go to advanced>wipe dalvik cache, wipe again, repeat 1-4

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