Friday, March 4, 2011

Imbecile's guide to custom roms, overclocking, tethering and all things root

You want to root an android, but don't know how or why, both are answered here!
1. get androot apk file and install astro file manager from the market. use astro to open the apk. check your options, root, it will say woot! blah blah blah
2. get rom manager app from market.
3. open rom manager, download rom, cyanogenmod, choose rom, CHECK "GOOGLE APPS", "BACKUP", "WIPE", ok
4. it will download(full wifi needed)
5. ok
6. reboot, command prompt opens, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!
7. eventually after 2 reboots the activation screen comes up, don't freak out
8. toutch android, skip, skip, your rom starts, turn on wifi and connect, then open market, login to google, get "barnacle wifi tether", setcpu, root explorer(free on, droidemulite, romgripper++(for games), enjoy!
9. going back, either boot into recovery or open rom manager and go to nandroid or backups, choose backup, let reboot, it will be the same as before, with root, but androot can fix this

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