Friday, April 15, 2011

more gingerbread for g1

hello, I have told you how to get CM7 on g1, but I experienced some bugsin the rom. It would randomly uninstall apps. I have a feeling this was a security breach, but for a risk such as that, we shouldn't proceed. Instead use beatrom's gingerbread rom. It is in the unlocr's database. The link takes you to a xda developers link. There are 2 links, the rom and "gapps". "gapps" is the market, Gmail, youtube, etc. download the rom and gapps .zip files. If you have clockworkmod recovery, just move them somewhere to your SD, if not move the rom to your SD as, then repeat this process with gapps.
Clockworkmod and normal recovery- reboot into recovery
clockworkmod- factory reset as many times as possible, then to the same with wiping the cache, the go to      _____mounts and storage and do each one individually(skip the SD!!)
normal- flash
clockworkmod- install zip from SD, select the ROM
normal- turn on usb storage, swap the files, making the gapps file
clockworkmod- choose zeam(fast) or ADW(features, slow) as you home, wait
normal- flash it too, reboot
clockworkmod- install zip from SD, select gapps
clockworkmod- let it finish, reboot
clockworkmod and normal- boot up and sign into google(if you have data), or skip to do it over wifi
clockworkmod and normal- this is to patch the settings app being unable to launch: go into linda file manager, in /system/app find settings.apk, and open it, replace the settings app with it
clockworkmod and normal- home-->settings-->wireless-->turn on wifi, connect-->home-->open market-->sign in-->DONE!!!

unfortunately, the market is stuck with out adobe flash. get this and open it with lind to remedy this, it is named "for 2.1" this may work, but it is 10.1 flash, period and it worked for my 10 attempts on 3 phones

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