Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why root/what to do after rooting

ropoting is like getting administrator acess on windows or using a sudo terminal command in linux. Android root is like linux sudo only though "su" is used instead of "sudo". so why do this?
1. Custom roms- custom variants of the android OS. Can be used to level up to the latest firmware(ginger bread instead of donut on G1 for example) or add more in depth features
2. Overclocking- make the CPU run faster. use set cpu or search "overclock" and find a free version. get one that lowers speed as battery level decreases(better battery life) or gets too hot(prevents damage)
3. underclocking- like overclocking but adds battery life at cost of performence
4. tethering- try wireless tether(can use blue tooth and wifi)/barnacle wifi tether(wifi only- ) and easytether(usb only, fastest connection)- use usb for fast connections, wifi for quick setup or if you have a charger, or bluetooth for wireless and no charger. Usb needs helper apps installed on PC
4. remove system apps(if you have a seperate media player/home screen, etc.)- remove home if you have zeam, launcherpro, ADW, etc.
5. more apps that can do more- enable more features in apps and get more
6. leave some more in the suggestions we have'nt thought of!
***rooting voids warenty*** but so does
carrying your phone, holding it, removing battery cover without turning off, and above all, CHECK TO SEE IF THE BOOTLOADER NEEDS TO BE UNLOCKED BEFORE YOU ROOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will brick the device if not done when needed

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