Monday, October 1, 2012

District 13-Movie Review!

District 13 is an action movie set in(what was) the near future. It was released in 2004, and was set in 2010. The worst Ghettos in France are walled off with no food, water, schools, police, or public services of any kind. Damien, a budding super-spy/star policeman, is put in charge of disabling a neutron bomb that was stolen by a gang led by Taha. Taha importes much of the cocaine, heroin, and most of the other drugs that plauge the district. He is rivaled by Lieto. Lieto was born in district 13 just the same, but he fights to keep his people free of drugs. At one time he had opened a school, which was shut down long ago. The movie opens with Leito desytroying 1 million Euros of stolen Cocaine from Taha. This is inturrupted by K2, Taha's right hand man, invading Lieto's home and slaughtering his men. K2 tries to kill Lieto, but Lieto uses his highly advanced parkour skills to evade his men. After this, Lieto invades Taha's base and captures him, and his sister, whom K2 kidnapped. They flee to the police station to turn Taha in and flee the district, only to discover that it is being abandoned, and the warden must cooperate with Taha's men, putting Lieto in jail and allowing Taha to take Lieto's sister back into the district. Lieto goes insane from this, killing the Police cheif when he apologises to Lieto, effectivly landing himself in jail. A few months pass, and Taha steals a neutron bomb from it's convoy. He tries to tamper with it, activating the timer. Damian is sent to find and defuse the bomb, and is told to trick Lieto into helping him. Lieto sees through this, escaping. Damien meets up with him and explains, and they form an alliance. Lieto intentionally get them captured, and the two give Damian's superiors Taha's bank account number. They escape, and Damien's superiors drain all of Taha's Bank accounts, and he is then killed by his gang because he cannot pay them. K2 is then the head of the gang. He contracts Damien and Lieto to find and disarm the bomb. They find the bomb, and start to enter the disarm code when Lieto realises that they are actually arming it. He stops Damien, and they both know that the bomb was meant to obliterate district 13, and was never stolen. They return to the outside, and fight their way to Damien's superior. He is exposed to the media, and Leito and his sister return to district 13.
This was an excellent action movie and I give it 10/10. It has an equally magnificent sequel, District 13: Ultimatum. The sequel was english dubbed, but the first one can only be found subbed here: It is an excellent sub.

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