Monday, November 26, 2012

Windows 8 rant- full review coming(I think)

Windows 8 it one of the most controversial OS releases since vista. "The interface formerly known as metro that I think is now called modern," or TIFKAMTITINCM has replaced the start menu and begun to invade the desktop.

Windows 8 is faster in almost every single way.
Metro looks cool(some disagree, I think that's a personal preference)
Works on tablets too
Cheap!- $15 for special upgrades and ~60 for a copy
old laptops without windows 8 touchpad drivers are screwed

Metro is wonky(search mostly)
No start orb(start8 by rocketdock)
UEFI boot is another attempt to kill linux
it transmits data to M$ constantly

Ill give a full review sometime soon, I just wrote this while It's reinstalling (I hate old dell laptops)

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